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  Widgets, gadgets, modules or applications. Consider them small, transportable web experiences that can be installed on your computer or online outlets like Web pages, social networking sites, blogs and iPhones.   These downloadable tools are changing that way we advertise by providing access to information, services, news feeds and multimedia content, like YouTube videos, […]

  What are you doing?   Twitter – a social network Web site that begs users to tell others what their doing via mobile phone, instant messenger or the Web- began as a way for friends to stay connected, but “tweeting” is rapidly becoming a hot spot for market research, customer service, publicity and brand […]

Live feeds flooded the Web the day Barack Obama was sworn in as President. As viewers, both on the Mall and at their computers, participated in the most viewed event in history to date, an estimated 5.5 million people visited online news sites to catch history in action. That’s no surprise considering the amount of Internet traffic […]

Web 2.0 is a collection of various online outlets that enhance communications, information sharing, collaboration and creativity. Many companies are taking advantage of the opportunities this new phenomenon has to offer and creating real-time dialogues among online consumers through social networking, virtual worlds, podcasting, blogs and more. Social networking Web sites, like Facebook, are quickly becoming an effective media outlet in integrated marketing communications. With […]