A web of opportunity


Social NetworkingWeb 2.0 is a collection of various online outlets that enhance communications, information sharing, collaboration and creativity. Many companies are taking advantage of the opportunities this new phenomenon has to offer and creating real-time dialogues among online consumers through social networking, virtual worlds, podcasting, blogs and more.

Social networking Web sites, like Facebook, are quickly becoming an effective media outlet in integrated marketing communications. With thousands of members joining these social networking sites daily, large and small businesses are advertising in a big, new way: business profile pages.

Establishing a presence on social media sites with a business profile page encourages consumers to become more connected to your business, and more importantly, your brand. Users can express support by becoming a fan, writing on the Wall, uploading photos, and joining others fans in discussions.  Businesses can send updates to fans with special news or offers, and add interactive applications to engage users with videos, reviews, flash content, and more.  The best part is, it’s free!

Furthermore, with every click your fans make, word-of-mouth marketing occurs in News Feed stories, alerting more potential consumers or fans to view, or join, your page. Take a look at some brands that are marketing this way: (Red), Barack Obama, and Victoria’s Secret.  

In recent years, banner ads have become less appealing to marketers and consumers alike, but Facebook is changing that. Their banner ads reach target audiences based on age, gender, location and profile information. The site allows businesses to track their progress and find out exactly who is clicking on their ad.

It is a focused form of marketing to clients, and advertisers are able to tweak and fine-tune their messages in an unprecedented way in order to reach even smaller groups of like-minded individuals.

Many argue that the effectiveness of banner ads have gone to the wayside, but studies show that basing effectiveness on ad click through is not an accurate account of its reach. If the ad is attractive and eye catching, it registers with consumers and over time could help to build brand awareness.


One Response to “A web of opportunity”

  1. 1 tombeachboy

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