Tweets: Keeping with the flock




What are you doing?


Twitter – a social network Web site that begs users to tell others what their doing via mobile phone, instant messenger or the Web- began as a way for friends to stay connected, but “tweeting” is rapidly becoming a hot spot for market research, customer service, publicity and brand building.

If you’re not “tweeting,” then you may as well be a bird with a broken wing, because your brand isn’t getting off the ground.

 Twitterers, the name given to users (who are also consumers), are “tweeting” in 140 characters or less about their favorite brands, and companies are using this free medium to retrieve the most honest market research just by monitoring the mention of their business. 


But research isn’t all it’s good for; consumers gain brand awareness by “following” their favorite brands making Twitter ideal for dropping new ideas, testing other mediums, posting news updates, getting feedback and building relationships.


The Chicago Bulls give play by play updates during games, the Burger King chats with hungry Whopper lovers, Kodak drives awareness of new products and Ford uses Twitter to “humanize” their brand by creating a dialogue with consumers. 


Whether it’s answering questions, sharing photos, clearing up misconceptions or encouraging two-way communication, many companies are finding Twitter helpful in building brand awareness. 


And it’s no wonder as people today no longer want their conversations to be private; they want to participate in public discussions. Twitter is just another one of the many mediums of emerging media that encourages instant digital information sharing.


So, what are you doing?


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