Widget while you work




Widgets, gadgets, modules or applications. Consider them small, transportable web experiences that can be installed on your computer or online outlets like Web pages, social networking sites, blogs and iPhones.


These downloadable tools are changing that way we advertise by providing access to information, services, news feeds and multimedia content, like YouTube videos, audio streams and photo slideshows, without requiring a Web browser. Think of an ad and a personalized service squeezed into a tiny little box.


Many companies are creating these useful widgets, slapping on their brand, and using it as an interactive marketing tool to build relationships with their biggest fans. Consumers like them because they are similar to accessories, pieces of flair or ring tones in the way that they personalize the user’s gadgets and allow for self expression.


Marketers love them because loyal users are likely to share, and they are essentially, low-cost way of gaining brand exposure and driving traffic to the parent property. Many professionals hope their widgets will spur viral distribution and expose them to the masses. Other than the cost to design the widget, the price is right- free! Gaining brand awareness at no cost is bound to develop an impressive return on investment; however, tracking sites have not yet figured out how to monitor them the estimated hundreds of millions of widgets yet.


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