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Become part of the Dove Brand evaluation. I’m currently doing inventory on a popular brand to make recommendations that will build brand equity, awareness, and resonance. Please take a few minutes and answer these questions, so that I might get an accurate consumer account of the brand. Take the Dove Brand Survey now. Much apprecitation bloggers! […]

Technology has dramatically changed over the last few decades, and it’s amazing to consider the way daily tasks used to be completed and just how far civilization has come. Conan O’Brien hosted comedian Louis CK on October 1st, 2008 who spoke about how Generation Y and Millenials have been spoiled by technology. (Video property of […]

Brand extensions have the potential to drive market share, build awareness and more, but developing sub-brands and product lines are not always the best, or most effective, means of achieving success.   Just ten years ago in the U.K., Cosmopolitan, a women’s magazine geared toward readers interested in cosmetics, fashion and sex talk, introduced a […]

Traditional marketing puts products and companies in the spotlight, focusing on promotion and the benefits of choosing their brand over others. Viral marketing, on the other hand, tells a story and is often the furthest thing from an advertisement. Much like word-of-mouth, viral marketing is shared among consumers, and it is within their social networks […]

Green is in, and I’m not talking about spring fashion…or am I? In recent weeks, mobile companies have been introducing some innovative and eco-friendly accessories, and marketing professionals are hoping this is a trend that won’t fade out like other fads. Mobile messaging has always been “green,” as it cuts out the paper trail and […]

Brand being


What makes up your personal identity? Race, gender, physical attributes, professional career, social circle, geographic location, and education, among others, defines who we are, and as consumers, we tend to shop for brands that reflect these elements we embody.   One could argue that possessions are a part of “self.” Saying something is “mine” encourages […]

Six degrees of separation, also known as the human web, is the idea that everyone on Earth is connected through a chain of acquaintances no more than six “steps” away from each other. If a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known […]