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Although corporate blogs may currently have small audiences, more companies are including blogs in their integrated marketing communications campaigns to build better brand identity and relationships.

Weblog expert Doc Searls believes that companies should consider adding the more direct connection to consumers that blogs can deliver to their traditional marketing plans, saying “blogs are tactical, not strategic. They relate. They’re human. They reach out and link.”

Southwest Airlines is one company that knows just how to find the right balance between marketing messages and personal, spontaneous content with their Nuts About Southwest blog. It presents creative, humorous and engaging ideas that are not so serious, but timely and relevant topics about the company itself and the airline industry.



In an attempt to expand the company’s initial blog, Southwest’s emerging media team created Blogsouthwest nearly three years ago to give consumers a look inside the airline’s culture and operations and let them interact and build relationships with the airline’s employees. However, Nuts About Southwest has expanded into a series of fun, behind-the-scenes blogs that  features posts by employees, including executives, managers and front-line workers, video blogs, photos, web polls and news feeds, as well as profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Linked In.  


Blogsouthwest strives to build a personal relationship between the company and its users. The company understands that viewing bloggers as individuals with valued opinions could make them potential representatives of the brand so they don’t talk to users as consumers, but as members of the Southwest community by engaging in casual messaging and conversation.


Although the blog began as a way to build rapport with its customers, it quickly has become a virtual focus group. Customers get an inside look at the airline industry and can respond, ask questions and describe their experiences with the company. There’s no doubt these discussions are providing valuable feedback and assisting Southwest in crisis communications, new product launches and business decisions.


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