Green gadgets, eco-friendly mobile marketing


Green is in, and I’m not talking about spring fashion…or am I? In recent weeks, mobile companies have been introducing some innovative and eco-friendly accessories, and marketing professionals are hoping this is a trend that won’t fade out like other fads. Mobile messaging has always been “green,” as it cuts out the paper trail and focuses on virtual promotion via electronic devices, but consider these companies who are making mobile marketing even more ecologically attractive.

samsungsolarphonewow11.     Despite the Samsung Blue Earth’s blue color, it’s green. It is the first solar-powered full-touch screen cell phone to be introduced, and thanks to mister sun, your battery will never go dead again. Technology meets nature with a flat, rounded design that resembles a pebble made from recycled plastics. Solar panels, aligned on the back of the phone, can generate enough electricity to make a call anytime you want. How convenient!

2.     T-Mobile Motorola W233 Renew is the first certified Carbon-free mobile phone on the market made from recycled water bottles, as well. Motorola plans to offset the amount of energy required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone. This green gadget is even conserving energy while its being built.

3.     Samsung F268 was named the “Greenest Mobile Phone” by Greenpeace International, and is brominated flame retardant (BFR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) free.

untitled2Aside from hand-held mediums, eco-friendly mobile marketing is taking it to the streets, literally. untitled1These custom-designed electronic vehicles are small enough to fit inside malls and airports, but large enough to impact consumer interactions in a big way. Media tours across the globe are using them to catch consumer attention and invite them in with instant promotional booth-like features.


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