Video viral marketing


Traditional marketing puts products and companies in the spotlight, focusing on promotion and the benefits of choosing their brand over others. Viral marketing, on the other hand, tells a story and is often the furthest thing from an advertisement. Much like word-of-mouth, viral marketing is shared among consumers, and it is within their social networks that viral marketing campaigns grow and thrive.



When developing viral marketing videos, consider doing the unexpected and creating strong emotion with an opinion or an idea that will get noticed and be unforgettable. Once the video is on the market, make sequels by developing similar concepts, taking a look behind the scenes, adding bloopers, or blogging about the process. Also, facilitate easy sharing, downloading and embedding by taking advantage of social networks, like Digg and You Tube, linking and bookmarking to allow for better communicating among consumers.


Viral marketing videos are much like short films that feature a hero who wants something and takes action, but meets conflict, which leads to a climax and a resolution. Within the video, marketers focus on conveying a clear message and keep it fresh by piquing curiosity, but the simplest videos are the most effective. Typically, developed characters in conflict have strong personalities and their interaction takes place in what appears to be a “real film.”


Chanel No. 5 created a great marketing film featuring Nicole Kidman. This three minute, quick-cut version of a love story tells of a most famous woman (Kidman), who flees from paparazzi into a taxi where she meets a young writer (Rodrigo Santoro) who is so consumed in his own world that he does not know who she is. The two go on to share a romantic weekend high above the city lost from the world, until she returns to her the responsibilities in the public eye.


From a marketing standpoint, this viral video conveys the essence and lifestyle of Chanel’s brand, and illustrates the idea of glamour and fantasy, a life many women consumers would be interested in having. It appeals to emotions, specifically vulnerability, and is more focused on telling a story and promoting an image and attitude, as opposed to selling a product.


This entertaining film is littered with large Chanel Cs that illuminate the night, but the perfume itself does not appear, except in the final shot when a Chanel No. 5 pendent is displayed on the back of Kidman’s dress. It works for the Chanel brand, because consumers pay for a luxury good that makes them feel special, and it establishes a connection that resonates well with consumers.


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    Love this video. We talked about it on our blog this morning!

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