Advergaming advantages


Today’s children have a tremendous ability to find, edit and manage their media experiences, and for many of them, the Internet has become a virtual playground. Advergaming, the use of Web-based games to promote popular brands and products, is reaching children faster than ever, and marketers are excited that players receive continued exposure through branded in-game quests, loading screens, brand-inspired environments, spokes-characters and downloadable content.



blackbeakgameSpokes-characters, like Froot Loops Black Beak and the Trix Rabbit, and animation, such as visual action and sound effects, have proven to increase attention in children with limited reading abilities, and produce relatively high levels of character and product/brand recognition. However, some critics, as well as parents argue that his type of advertising persuades young consumers by bypassing rational capacities, and influencing naive minds in ways that are difficult to resist. Many attribute advergaming to unethically manipulating children’s desires and encouraging confusion of the product with spokes-characters.


In recent years, advergames have become the most visited feature of brand Web sites, and some companies are making them the primary function of their brand media planning. Marketers like the benefits of advergaming as it promotes repeated traffic, reinforces brand awareness, encourages registration of users for sweepstakes and promotions, aids in market research, and when gamers invite their friends, they endorse viral marketing and brand word-of-mouth.


Check out these popular advergaming brands: Nabisco, Froot Loops, Trix, and Pillsbury.


One Response to “Advergaming advantages”

  1. Here’s the golden question though – how big is the ROI on Advergaming?

    I understand the huge impact it can have on a companies website, but for brands the brands you’ve mentioned, where purchases are not (typically) made through the website, how does this transfer into $$?

    Brand experience can be very powerful, if you catch the right people. From the companies you have mentioned, I feel that they may not be targeting the right people.

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