Minority report: ExxonMobil excels on Web


exxonExxonMobil has defined and tweaked their global marketing programs to reach various minority groups with IMC strategies and promotional campaigns tailored to each segmented audience. As a global refining and supply company, ExxonMobil owns refineries in more than 25 countries and supplies petroleum products around the world, so they thrive in concentrating  their marketing efforts on regional clusters, and a no-frill kind of mentality. From their corporate Web site users can choose from 40 different countries and regional sub-sites for retail information about the supply company.


The ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing Company has developed a large portfolio of market-specific retail formats for three powerful ExxonMobil brands- Exxon, Mobil and Esso. In 1999, the company it launched a $150 million marketing effort titled “We Are Drivers Too,” that accounted for a wide variety of cultural differences. Management believed this approach would reach their audiences more effectively, while saving them money, and employed six different casts to act out similar storylines and 25 different languages to develop voiceovers. The company produced five hours of commercial footage and made sure the ads had the same look and feel regardless of the 100 or so countries in which they appeared. Marketers even made sure actors ate with their right hands in some shots, because it is customary in some markets.


ExxonMobil understands its products global reach and dependency on these groups to continue to thrive in their industry. The company successfully speaks through their Websites and promotional material to a variety of non-English speaking groups. Catering to minorities, both consumers and employees, is one of the company’s priorities.


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