Skittles: Interweb the Rainbow


skittlesRecently, Mars-owned Skittles performed an all out social media blitz with the introduction of the latest Web 2.0 tool- a small navigation box that guides consumers through user-generated content on sites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Wikipedia.

The brand’s out-of-the-box, fantasy meets reality personality would no doubt be the one to push the envelope in social media channels. This innovative twist has many, including me, astonished, bewildered and impressed with Mar’s bold move. They’ve given up control of the Web site’s content, but in doing so have cut costs immensely and generated world-wide buzz that’s encouraging consumers to engage the brand.

Some professional have criticized this crazy move, but in all honesty Skittles has done it right by leveraging their most loyal audience, and who better to talk about the Skittles brand then those who love it the most.

Upon visiting the Skittles Web site, humorous text directs users to a disclaimer that asks for their age, saying “Hold your horses. Before you can check out, you’ve gotta tell us your age…Just a heads up: Any stuff beyond the page is actually another site and not in our control. This panel may be hovering over the page, but Skittles isn’t responsible for what other people post and say on these sites.”

Apparently, children under 12 are not to enter the site, so I wonder how this has affected the candy’s younger audience, and if Mar’s has seen an increase in brand awareness from the older folks?


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