Mmm, peanutty packaging


convienent-candyStanding in the grocery store checkout, I was conveniently close to a large display of candy coated products. There was no doubt that these tasty treats were strategically placed in reach of my impulse shopper mindset, but which do I choose? Upon first glance, the lucky winner that caught my eye was M&M’s Peanuts.


Why? The bright yellow packaging and the contrasting dark brown, extra-large M&M’s logo practically flew off the shelf and in my hands. Not to mention the oversized distribution display box , which housed the individual yellow bags and spanned a width twice the size of all the other brands on the shelves. Aside from package design, this product conveniently took its position three rows from the top and was dead center.


The most creative elements that make this package design effective are logo text and color choice. M&M’s, the brand text, is simple and short, making it easily seen, recognizable and prominently featured on its packaging. Often an increase in ad size devoted to text further increases its perceptual salience and attentional demand, which is likely to detract attention from competitors. The color yellow makes products appear bigger, evokes a positive response, and is cheerful and easygoing, much like the brands spokes-character, Yellow, who is integrated in all the promotions of the brand.yellow_l


Even Yellow has a profile page on the M&M’s Web site  and his motto- inside everyone there’s a little nut- plays off the product itself and the brand’s personality. Yellow likes pretty ladies, fluffy things, is plump, yellow and all smiles, and sees the good in everything. It’s amazing how package design can create such a recognizable and engaging brand personality and identity.


One Response to “Mmm, peanutty packaging”

  1. I love to eat their chocolates.

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