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Are you between 18-24 years old? Help me assess youth attitudes about the American Red Cross and blood donation. Take a quick survey at Advertisements

Become part of the Dove Brand evaluation. I’m currently doing inventory on a popular brand to make recommendations that will build brand equity, awareness, and resonance. Please take a few minutes and answer these questions, so that I might get an accurate consumer account of the brand. Take the Dove Brand Survey now. Much apprecitation bloggers!

Six degrees of separation, also known as the human web, is the idea that everyone on Earth is connected through a chain of acquaintances no more than six “steps” away from each other. If a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known […]

Pretend play


A slew of Internet fueled toy sensations have introduced children to the Web 2.0 phenomenon and are giving them access to virtual worlds. It’s no surprise that these young tikes are easily navigating from one world to the next, and parents are thrilled they can control their kid’s accessto the site and monitor levels of […]

Although corporate blogs may currently have small audiences, more companies are including blogs in their integrated marketing communications campaigns to build better brand identity and relationships. Weblog expert Doc Searls believes that companies should consider adding the more direct connection to consumers that blogs can deliver to their traditional marketing plans, saying “blogs are tactical, […]

  Widgets, gadgets, modules or applications. Consider them small, transportable web experiences that can be installed on your computer or online outlets like Web pages, social networking sites, blogs and iPhones.   These downloadable tools are changing that way we advertise by providing access to information, services, news feeds and multimedia content, like YouTube videos, […]