Eberly Magazines

Eberly Magazine: Graduate Education, Fall 2010

A Clean Green Team

Hidden Waters

Star Formation

CAREER-Making Research




Eberly Magazine: Service, Summer 2010

What’s Over the Hill?

Combating Cyber Attacks

Eberly College Outstanding Researcher Awards


Eberly Magazine: STEM, Fall 2009

The New Rocket Boys

Fusing Physics with Medicine

CAREER Making Opportunities

Video Games May Keep the Mind Young

WVU Department of Biology Receives Kudos for Science Education Efforts           


Eberly Magazine: Environment, Spring/Summer 2008

Science at the State Capital

Tree Rings Tell a Story of Change

New Faculty Tackle Tough Issues in the Public Policy Arena

Red-Letter Day for Writers

Confucius Meets the Computer




Eberly Magazine: Connect Globally, Fall 2008

The Magic of New World Literature


New Ambassador of WVU Press

Out-of-this-World Science, Down-to-Earth Scientist

2008SpringThe Eberly College Magazine, Spring 2008

Professorship Fuels Energy Exploration

The Power Of Peace

Attracting the Nation’s Finest






The Eberly College Magazine, Winter 2007

Honoring Successful Graduates: The Departmental Alumni Awards

Mountaineers Take Top Academic Prizes


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