Professor Praise

Lauren, you have an amazingly creative, perceptive, and communicative mind! This is an extraordinarily professional, strategic, objective and creative document. You have a definitive focus on what you want to do, the sections are well written and comprehensive, and your message is consistent. I believe you have developed a workable plan and deserve full credit for your efforts. Your future work will likely be in the account planning and account management side of the business, a highly valued aspect of the advertising and marketing industry. However, I do feel that the creative aspects of your final solution are very powerful and intriguing, and creative directors will be excited about working with you. Great work, Lauren! Great portfolio piece. Be proud! Show this document to everybody! I enjoyed working with you on IMC625, and I trust the content and your take-aways will benefit your career and future endeavors. Good luck! —Dr. Larry Stultz, IMC 625 Advanced Creative Concepts

Lauren, You do an excellent job of analyzing the Kellogg’s site in depth and examining the use of spokes-characters. I particularly appreciate your section on advergaming—it was the most comprehensive of all the papers I’ve read. Wonderful work! It looks like your buzz strategies are the most sophisticated in the class so far. I’m impressed! It’s interesting to see the various approaches and their efficacy—especially the response via Twitter and with Polldaddy. Wow! Your final report and your blog blew me away. You did an amazing job of promoting your blog and you received the highest number of hits and comments in the class. You made it incredibly easy for people to post comments. Great job with the PollDaddy poll on Dove. Your posts were substantial and informative. Your complementary tweets were also great! I think you can definitely use this blog for professional purposes now and in the future. You should be very proud of your excellent work in this class! —Dr. Rachel Post, IMC 619 Social Media and the Emerging Market

Lauren, Well done brand audit, you exceeded the expectations for this assignment. I think you would make a great brand manager if that is something you are interested in. I have been impressed with your writing style in this course. I am currently looking for a coauthor on an academic case which we would write together. The case would be submitted to an academic journal and if accepted would be used in classrooms throughout the world. —Dr. Russell Casey, IMC 612 Brand Equity and Management

Stellar job, Lauren!! Outstanding work identifying and articulating Wal-Mart’s key publics. You absolutely nailed this assignment. Your paper is professionally written and presented, and you provided strong explanations for each audience you selected. A+! Thank you!!  —Dr. Debra Davenport, IMC 618 Public Relations


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