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Much like the newspaper, traditional television spots are dying. Thanks to continued technological advancement, brands are engaging consumers through interactive web videos that can be clicked through to get more information, play games and download coupons.  Not only are users excited to test the video’s abilities, but they are spending more time with the brand. This platform is perfect […]

Search engines are not only making money by placing paying brands and businesses at the top of the lists as “sponsored links,” some are deceiving users. When it comes to paid placement, companies appearing highlighted or within the top three on the results list is likely to be there thanks to a large search engine […]

Forget crowed malls, limited product selections and hard to find bargain basements. Online e-commerce is sweeping traditional retail stores under the desk and driving consumers online where closeout prices are at their fingertips.   Launched as a premier online company that liquidates excess inventory through the Internet, Overstock is a virtual store that brings the outlet […]

Today’s children have a tremendous ability to find, edit and manage their media experiences, and for many of them, the Internet has become a virtual playground. Advergaming, the use of Web-based games to promote popular brands and products, is reaching children faster than ever, and marketers are excited that players receive continued exposure through branded […]

Become part of the Dove Brand evaluation. I’m currently doing inventory on a popular brand to make recommendations that will build brand equity, awareness, and resonance. Please take a few minutes and answer these questions, so that I might get an accurate consumer account of the brand. Take the Dove Brand Survey now. Much apprecitation bloggers!

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What makes up your personal identity? Race, gender, physical attributes, professional career, social circle, geographic location, and education, among others, defines who we are, and as consumers, we tend to shop for brands that reflect these elements we embody.   One could argue that possessions are a part of “self.” Saying something is “mine” encourages […]

Web 2.0 is a collection of various online outlets that enhance communications, information sharing, collaboration and creativity. Many companies are taking advantage of the opportunities this new phenomenon has to offer and creating real-time dialogues among online consumers through social networking, virtual worlds, podcasting, blogs and more. Social networking Web sites, like Facebook, are quickly becoming an effective media outlet in integrated marketing communications. With […]